It's like applying letraset or fake tattoos... as easy as 1, 2, 3! (... and 4, 5, 6!)

Thoroughly dust, clean and dry the surface you'll be applying your new decal to.

Trim around the design or separate big pieces to make application easier.

Lay flat on a table & gently rub over the graphic (clear plastic side up) with the applicator tool or an old credit card.

Lift the decal up and peel back about an 1" strip of the backing paper along the top and stick to the surface, ensuring the decal is where you want it.

Slowly pull the backing paper downwards and peel away, whilst gently rubbing over the design with the tool to stick the decal and the clear plastic to your surface.

If at any point the decal doesn't stick to the surface, just go back over the area with the applicator.
Wait at least 10 minutes and then gently peel off the clear plastic, rubbing the design if it starts to lift. Ta da!

And to remove...

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