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Flock in Flight Decal
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There's something about birds… Less Hitchcock's 'The Birds' and more peaceful seaside sky-gazing, this graceful flock bring the beauty of nature indoors. *These little fellas can be cut out and placed individually exactly where you want them.

FYI: The size decal used in the photo above would be closest to the 200 x 139cm size (these measurements relate to the area the birds would cover when laid out in the same formation as the photo (this size makes the bird on the far left 17cm wide).Please note: Your decal will arrive laid out to make it as easy to apply as possible; this may differ from the image shown and may require arrangement when being applied. Bigger decals may be supplied in multiple sections.

Remember, decals can be applied to most smooth surfaces and can be removed without a trace so get creative with your placements! However, they aren't recommended for use on wallpapered walls, very textured surfaces or freshly painted surfaces (leave it a week or so and it'll be fine). To find out more, please head on over to our faq page or drop us a line
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